Ministry of Agriculture to bring back dip tank services

Jan 19, 2023

Ministry of Agriculture says has embarked on a project aimed at restoring lost glory of dip tanks country wide as was the case during Dr Kamuzu Banda era, Dr Julius Mbewe who is Director of animal Health in the Ministry has disclosed.


Mbewe said the project has already taken shape and more than fifty dip tanks have already been rehabilitated.

“Go to Ntchisi today all the dip tanks have been rehabilitated and we are rehabilitating more the idea is to reach where we were in late 90s before these were dumped to be run by the farmers themselves.”

In an exclusing interview in Lilongwe during the training of animal welfare and animal policy development Mbewe said the the Ministry has outlined various interventions aimed at restoring , promotion and adherence of animals rights protections.

Mbewe said the Ministry of Agriculture has started training various stakeholders involved in animals business as a strategy to enhance animal welfare.

He said National Livestock development policy and animal welfare demands the need for stakeholders to fully take care of animals.

Mbewe said there is need to safeguard animals hunger , thirst, discomfort, pain,
injury , disease and fear or
distress as enshrined in the animal policy.

Animal policy according to the Director was developed to sustain commercially led Livestock Production and
Productivity as well as to enhance animal health Veterinary Public Health and Animal Welfare.

The policy is also aimed at enhancing livestock Research Innovations, Technology Development and Dissemination as well as
Livestock Market Development and Agroprocessing which include Value

Speaking during the training climate change advocacy body National Youth Network on Climate Change (NYNCC) Executive director Dominick Nyasulu said the training was so important because will enhance journalists to report positively on point of knowledge.

Nyasulu said the meeting follows an independent analysis on animal welfare which discovered that there is more animal abuse which is violation to their welfare.

NYNCC is a registered, non-profit making,
local youth Network, working with youth-based organizations, university groups, rural youth groups, schools, and like-minded individuals.

NYNCC was formed basically to coordinate
youth efforts in the fight against climate
change, to ensure the inclusion, and active
participation of youth voices and contribute to government’s efforts by helping communities to identify solutions to problems that impede growth and development, through participatory
and community-led approaches.

This is needed as the young people in Malawi are almost half of the population and will be most affected by climate change impacts as well have the most potential to support Malawi and Africa to take action on climate change.

NYNCC address the bigger picture of climate change by appreciating its links with sustainable development.

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