Ministry of Health donate PPEs to Malawi Prisons

Feb 9, 2022

Malawi Exclusive

Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda on Wednesday handed over Personal protection equipment (PPE’s) to Malawi Prisons worth K300 Million .

In her speech she said the Ministry with support from Gavi and Global Fund decided to reach out to prisoners knowing that right to health is for everyone despite his or her status.

Kumbize who was accompanied by Deputy Minister Enock Phale said the donation will be distributed to all the prisons across the country.

Minister of Homeland Security Jean Sendeza received the donation on behalf of Malawi Prisons.

In her speech Sedeza commended Ministry of Health for the timely donation.

During the ceremony Sendeza unveiled plans to decongest Malawi Prisons.

Sendeza said it is sad to note high numbers of Prisoners being held in our prisons.

“We need to to pardon some of prisoners especially those with minor cases such as those found stealing chickens , goats and other minor cases this will help to decongest our prisons,” she said.

In this regard Sendeza commended Ministry of Health for the timely donation of PPEs.

Speaking earlier, Chief Commissioner of prisons in Malawi, Wandika Phiri complained to the Ministers of overcrowding.

She said the initial capacity of prisoners in Malawi is 7,000 but she said currently the Prisons are holding 14, 648.

She said this brings best practices of fighting corona virus in disally.

She said best practices of fighting Covid 19 include distancing, washing hands , sanitising ,”so how can we fight covid with overcrowding,” She said.

The ceremony was coloured by traditional dancers from the inmates themselves and Health Education band.

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