By Judge Katika – Malawi Exclusive

Minister of health Khumbize Kandodo has disclosed that Malawi has lost many lives due to lack of Emergency and Critical care.

Speaking during a launch of critical care strategy and the National Oxygen Ecosystem strategy in Lilongwe on Tuesday, Kandodo says there is a lot of wastage in the facilities in hospitals and appeal to the medical engineers to take care of the equipment in all hospitals across the country.

She said the coming of oxygen supply systems will help maternity women to be protected and also save lives for those who are suffering from COVID-19.

She further said government will require to support to finance the document.

According to Kandodo Covid 19 has taken many lives of malawians, and with the policy will assist the country to come up with more oxygen therapy, and added government is intended to have organised strategies in order to manage the issues of emergencies and Critical care and harmonise the strategy.

“Now in terms of Emergency and Critical care, this is a very important steategy, because it looks on how we hundle patient, especially in emergencies, such as road accidents and different types of critical care Emergencies, so we need to have harmonised strategies.”

On his part Chairperson for Health Committee at parliament Dr.Mathews Ngwale said the policies are life saving documents during this critical period for covid-19.

He said parliament will make sure that the strategies are supported.

“So our commitee has a duty to provide oversight, and that we are going to do after this, to make sure that is government doing what says in the strategy on emergency and Critical care, is government doing what it says on the oxygen supply.”

The production two strategies have been done with support from UNICEF, and partners in health.

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