Gadama donates to area 22 Disaster Victims

Feb 20, 2022

By judgement katika- Contributor

As the rainy season continues, heavy rains are causing alot of destructions and displacement of people due to water flooding.

One of the Dpp presidential candidate Paul Gadama on Sunday donated Basic needs which includes bags of maize and other non food items to families affected by the heavy rains.

Reporter Judge Katika reported that Gadama promised to bring more support to people who have also been affected by heavy rains in area 22

Block leaders in the area commende commended Gadama for donating items to the families affected by rain in the area.

Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera declared a state of national disaster in all the country’s 28 districts as COVID-19 takes its toll on Malawians with over 2,000 new cases recorded and at least 50 people dead since Jan. 1.

He said “I declare a state of national disaster in respect of all the districts in the country with effect from today, January 12, 2021,” said Chakwera.

“I, therefore, appeal for more assistance from the international community, relevant UN agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector, for uncommon contributions towards the resources needed to meet the present challenge of the pandemic,” President Chakwera said during the declaration.

Since this declaration of disaster, many donors have come in to help.

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