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MP Chihana hails JTI for construction of Health facilities in his constituency

Nov 1, 2022
Member of Parliament for Mzimba North, Yeremiya Chihana has commended Japan Tobacco International (JTI) for enormous developments that the company is undertaking in his constituency.
Among the many projects, JTI has built a health post complete with a house for a medical personnel awaiting commissioning by the government. In addition, the leading tobacco buyer has also constructed at solar powered portable water facilities in the constituency.
“JTI has really done us proud by building these beautiful houses, a clinic and school blocks in my area. We don’t take this for granted,” said Chihana during a media tour meant to appraise journalists on projects the company is undertaking in tobacco growing communities.

JTI’s Corporate Affairs and Communications Director, Limbani Kakhome said apart from constructing the health posts,  the company  has also drilled a total of 128 boreholes, constructed 20 solar water powered systems, 35 classrooms and 16 health posts across Malawi.

Kakhome (C)
“The projects you have seen today, including the health post at Madisi and the school at Chilinda, are a testimony that contract farming unlocks long-term investments,” he said.
According to Kakhome, contract farming allows buying companies to work with growers to implement minimum agriculture labor standards, which in turn allows them to improve yields.
Kakhome said his company has been working with growers to ensure tobacco production in Malawi is produced responsibly by respecting labor practices, championing environmental stewardship and maintaining workplace health and safety.
“We continuously – through a network of our field staff – monitor a set of social aspects such as child labor, workers’ rights and the state of farm health and safety to ensure that we have a supply chain that is responsive to the general welfare and livelihoods of the growers and their communities and at the same time, produce tobacco that meets international regulatory standards,” said Kakhome.
He said another key component of grower wellbeing is crop diversification and food security, however the current tobacco laws limit tobacco buying companies in providing input loans for complementary crops to support farm income diversification.
Kakhome then appealed to government to amend the Tobacco Industry Act to allow tobacco buying companies to provide affordable maize inputs to growers to support household food security and crop diversification.

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