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MP Jiya receive books from a Korean counterpart 

Jul 10, 2022
It was all smile when Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City Center Constituency , Hon Alfred Jiya receive 1, 000 and text books meant for Sichi Junior Primary School.
In a statement published on his Facebook page Jiya says was very impressed with the donation saying will go a long way in improving quality of education in his constituency.
“The donation will give a much needed boost to a burgeoning reading culture at the school. Apart from the books other donated learning materials include ballpoints, pencils, boxes of chalk, charts, 5 bags of maize for needy parents around the school and 10 pigs.” He says.
Jiya said these books will benefit 330 pupils who struggles to read due to lack of books.
“The school had literally fewest number of books which made both teaching and learning difficult. Going forward, it’s obvious literacy levels shall improve tremendously. I particularly thanked a team led by Mr. Jong Wan Chung who arrived the same day from Tanzania.”
Jiya said, Challenges at the school includes no staff houses, toilets and a reliable water source. I genuinely would like to appreciate and acknowledge our genuine friends for this gesture. It is even more pleasing to hear from the team leader Mr Chung that this isn’t their last time.
One step at a time with Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.
The other team members present were Eun Soon Chung, Young Moon Choi, Hyung Sook Park, Seung Mi Kim and their coordinator Clara Jo from Deayang Hospital.
The team leader is on a peace mission for Koreans who are in Africa, as you are aware there are divisions between North and South Korea due to misunderstandings.
Some notable faces who graced the occasion were the local chiefs led by Senior Group Kwindanguwo, the ward councillor Vumani Chidzanja Nkhoma for Mgona-Chatata ward and parents.

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