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MP provides 30 boreholes in Kasungu 

Oct 20, 2021

By Dayivasy Kenani

Kasungu, October 18, 2021, Mana: Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Madalitso Kazombo on Tuesday handed over 30 shallow boreholes worth 10 million Kwacha to reduce water challenges faced by the communities in his constituency.

Speaking in an interview during the handle over at Kapinya village in the area of Traditional Authority Wimbe in Kasungu East Constituency Kazombo said that he noted with great concern that people compete with livestock for water which is a dreadful situation.

Kazombo said “Water scarcity has been a huge challenge in the area of Senior Chief Wimbe, women withdraw water in sources where animals also get water and this is uncalled for. As a member of Parliament, I was provided with 12 million Kwacha by the government for water fund. With this funding, we are drilling 30 shallow wells are dug 30 meters, not only that, we also plan to drill those 60 meters’ deep boreholes so that everyone has easy access to water”.

According to Kazombo interacting with the people in his area is what made him to be aware of the challenges people are facing.

“Water is life, everybody needs water be it adults, children, or even dead bodies. Through socializing with the members in my constituency, I was able to get information that there was water scarcity as such I thought it wise to advocate for water fund to reduce water problems.

Kazombo argued other members of parliament should be interacting with the people in their communities because they are the ones who are suffering and have real stories to share.

Meanwhile, Senior Group Village Head Kapinya has hailed the deputy speaker for his assistance saying it was difficult for people to fetch water from a single borehole.

Kapinya said “My area has more than 2000 inhabitants and with only one borehole and this has been a big challenge since people have to walk long distances in search of clean water. Our women have to wake up early in the morning in just to fetch water and sometimes go back home without water. Not only that, but our children go to school without bathing due to water scarcity”

“What the deputy speaker has done to my community is something commendable as these boreholes have brought relief to different families in my area. My people will now be able to access clean water, no need to drink the same with the animals”

However, Kazombo has called for different stakeholders to listen to the voices of the masses and provide support to reduce water problems.

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