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MRA seals Mugg and Bean complex in LL for evading duty

Jan 10, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

The owner of Mugg and Bean complex Fayz Muhammad failed to pay Malawi Revenue Authority MRA its dues for the Tiger wheels, the Daytona Cars and the filling station -Total. In addition, his newly acquired complex on Paul Kagame Highway Eichar Limited had been importing trucks from China without paying duty and all this came up to billions of kwachas. On December 31, 2021 as business was getting serious being the last day of the year, MRA with police officers raided the place before sealing the complex.

Another team was at the AKI Investment head office where files for all imports and operations were confiscated before placing five officers to guard the head office situated next to the regional department of immigration near Wenela.

All the connections at the MRA which had been used to conceal this refused to take calls from AKI managing director Mr Fayz Muhammad.

Until.last Friday when they paid quarter of the amount owed and five post dated cheques guaranteed by the National Bank of Malawi.

Just a month ago the company was in the media for its arms deals with the Malawi Defence Force and the matter is still under investigations by the ACB and Fiscal Police.
In the meantime, twenty employees have been retrenched.

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