Mtambo describes peace as catalyst for national development

Aug 15, 2022

Malawi’s Minister of Civic Education and National Unity Timothy Mtambo has described peace as a great catalyst for development and social economic growth.

Mtambo made the remarks in Seoul, South Korea at the closing of the peace initiative within the Korean Peninsula organised by Universal Peace Federation.

Mtambo said Malawi continues to make strides in the promotion of peace which include the legislation of the Peace and Unity Act (2022).

Said Mtambo: “Among other issues, the law provides for the establishment of the Malawi Peace and Unity Commission and the District Peace and Unity Committees all meant to facilitate the coordination and peaceful resolution of conflicts at all levels of society.

“Through this peace architecture, the ministry is striving to ensure that the values of peace and unity are promoted right at the level of the individual.

“Sustainable peace and unity start with the individual. Undoubtedly, it is individuals who are at peace with themselves, first, that will build peace at the level of the family, the community, society, the nation and the World at large.”

He further said government through his ministry is working on the integration of Civic, Peace and Moral education in the curricula of primary and secondary schools.

Mtambo said this is being done to ensure that at the early stage, children should be assisted to grow and develop attitudes of peace and acquire knowledge and skills on social coexistence, patriotism and peaceful resolution of conflicts.

He added that Malawi has drawn positive lessons from the conference which will go a long way in establishing the national peace architecture.

“We have learnt great lessons from the experiences during this conference which will feed into our programmes back home. We are inspired to continue with our project of establishing the national peace architecture in Malawi as a model reflecting the values of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF),” he added.

The summit drew delegates from 157 Nations, including world renowned leaders such as Donald Trump, former President of USA, the Chairperson of African Union, HE Macky Sall, and others such as Ministers of Unity, Senior Religious Leaders, Business gurus and Members of Parliament.

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