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Muluzi hit ground running as Tigwirane Manja Goodwill Ambassador

Mar 24, 2023

– Meet UN Resident Coordinator 

Former Malawi State President Dr. Bakili Muluzi, has started implementing his role as Operation Tigwirane Manja Campaign Goodwill Ambassador.7

On Thursday Malawi leader appointed former heads of states as Goodwill Ambassadors to champion and implement Operation Tigwirane Manja Campaign.

Hours later as Goodwill Ambassador, Muluzi hosted in audience the new UN Resident Coordinator to Malawi, Miss Rebecca Adda-Dontoh at his BCA Hill, Private Residence, in Blantyre, on Friday, 24th March 2023.

The meeting was aimed at discussing the UN’ response to the cyclone relief effort in 


During the meeting Dr. Muluzi took time to explain to the UN boss on the 

adverse impact the Cyclone Freddy has had on the lives of the victims and the 

country as a whole.

To this end the former president lobbied for more humanitarian and technical support to the affected areas.

He submitted the following as priority areas that require urgent intervention;

For Immediate intervention, better coordination and planning around delivery of the following to affected communities; Food ,portable water, Protection of children,

Prevention of gender based violence and the preservation of dignity of women 

and children in camps, Sanitation and hygiene, Health care, Shelter ( family tents),

Plan for reopening of schools.

Muluzi also lobied for Medium-term interventions and these include ; Social protection programs ie cash transfers for rebuilding lives, Seed and fertilizers for farmland, livestock, Reconstruction bridges, roads, housing.

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