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Mutharika bashed for failing to attend funerals 

Jan 6, 2022

By Linda Kwanjana 

Malawians have expressed discontentment and Castigated Former President Peter Mutharika tendency of boycotting funerals.

In an interviews with various people , Mutharika behaviour is very strange.

“Unlike Dr Chakwera who is all over attending funerals , but Mutharika is a very strange person.” Jacob Banda said.

Banda said he was not supposed to fail to attend to Anne Muluzi funeral considering that her son was his runningmate.

The development has left people wagging their tongues if either all is well in the UDF DPP alliance. 

A Friend in need is a friend indeed so they say. 

UDF senior members were being heard  expressing shock over its political alliance’s absence at a funeral.

Members were heard saying as a party they are in deep shock, as late Anne Muluzi is a biological mother to Atupele Muluzi whom Mutharika opted as a running mate in the past Election.

“We are in deep shock, we can’t believe what we have seen and experienced, DPP takes us for granted, we have learnt a bitter lesson, as a party we will have to sit on a round table to map the political way forward “ said a senior member.

This is not the first time DPP leaders have shunned to attend funeral of prominent figures in the country but he has recently being spotted on weddings and engagements of some party members.

History continue repeating itself. Its now official that former President Arther Peter Mutharika does not attend funerals.

History shows Peter Mutharika has attended very few funerals in his life as both President and the former in Malawi. 

In a brief statement signed by his spokesperson ,Shadreck Namalomba, no reasons were given to justify his fulure.

Instead Chaponda represented DPP at Malingunde very sad indeed.

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