Mutharika insults Malawians with lies at his Press Conference

Dec 12, 2021

By Vincent Gunde

Former president and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika , has no moral grounds to declare Malawi an economic crisis country calling upon the international community to intervene by providing solutions to problems facing the country, and yet it is the same Mutharika who messed up things. 

Mutharika declaration of Malawi as a country of economic crisis an insult to Malawians 
Mutharika has no mandate to accuse Malawi President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera of failure to address economic challenges that have rocked the country through sky-rocketing prices of essential goods and services such as bread, sugar, salt, cooking oil and many other groceries beyond the reach of the poor and yet he was just awatch when his cabinet ministers were busy stealing from account number one.

Mutharika surprised many when he said the DPP is out of government and he don’t see any reason that the current government of President Dr. Chakwera after being in government for 18 months , should keep on attributing its failures  to the DPP hence no need to blame the DPP, it should blame for itself and yet everything happening now economically its because of the same DPP. 

Mutharika should know that in just 18 months in office Chakwera has already done alot of things.

Mutharika should also know that in 5 years Malawi will not be the same. 

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