• November 29, 2022 7:05 pm

Mutharika press conference empty, waste of time and resources

Nov 12, 2022

All issus tackled are being addressed

Former President Peter Mutharika was at it again castigating President Lazarus Chakwera Government.

Mutharika presser was  empty and useless since all issues that he talked abour are being addressed and there was nothing new in his address.

Mutharika as  usual his address was based  on micro and macro environment status  of the country.

Mutharika, demanded that President Chakwera and his government should provide fertilizer before the end of December, 2022 saying it is sad that the rains have started while the country is having no fertilizer. The fertilizer issues are being addressed already and that few weeks ago we saw trucks offloading fertilizer in Kanengo.

Mutharika lied  that K30 billion meant for Affordable Input Programme [AIP] was stolen a situation which he said has left the country at a standstill, land preparations in many gardens has not been done and lists of AIP beneficiaries still with the Ministry of Agriculture headquarters.

Mutharika said Fertilizer prices have gone up from K20,000 in 2020 to K74,000 in 2022 shuttering all prospective hopes that Malawi is a food basket with warnings that the country is heading to the ditch as hunger has already been reported in some districts. Issues of fertilizer prizer is global and is determined by global indicators.

Speaking during a presser in Mangochi on Friday, Professor Mutharika called on the Fiscal Police and the ACB to investigate those allegedly involved in the messing up of the 2022/23 farming season AIP saying corruption in the government has become order of the day. As we  speak 8 people have already been arrested over AIP issues  including Smollett Kachere the main man behind the syndicate.

Mutharika advised the government not to solve problems by blaming others for no wrong doings saying the whole world is affected by Russia-Ukraine war saying this should not be an excuse for Malawi, Government must look at the welfare of its citizens. That was another lie.

He accused the Tonse Alliance government under the MCP of huge borrowing claiming that his DPP led government left over US$1billion in the coffers but all of this money was plundered making the country with no chance of getting the IMFs extended credit facility.

The former president said Malawi’s economy has collapsed within two years of government because it is importing more than its export saying this is not surprising that Malawi is facing so many crisis.

Again that was wrong  because Malawi has been importing more and exporting less for long time.

Mutharika also talked about  fuel crisis, electricity, forex, fertilizer, drug shortages and medical supplies in hospitals , high prices of essential goods and services, things which Government through Minister of Finance is addressing.

He said with the endless crisis the country is facing without solutions, the Tonse Alliance government has lost the trust of the people throwing his weight behind those that are calling for stepping aside for a new caretaker government or calling for fresh elections within 90 days.

Mutharika messed up during his era people allowed his Government to continue until he was booted through the ballot.

Mutharika also expressed his concern over increasing number of suicide cases particularly among young people advising government to save the situation saying if this is not checked, the country will continue losing productive youth each and every day.

In conclusion the press conference was just a composition of lies with no facts at all  and waste of Malawian’s time.

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