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Mutharika should stop leading regime change drive 

Aug 3, 2022

It is no hidden fact that former President Peter Mutharika failed miserably to develop the country and that he has no qualities of a leader. 

In his futile attempt to manipulate Malawians to gang up against their “most loved leader” Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, poor Mutharika addressed the press at his home in Mangochi where he declared the current government illegal and illegitimate. 

Mutharika further called for the resignation of President Lazarus Chakwera. 

Surprisingly, old granny Mutharika never offered solutions on how to trigger economic recovery. 

Little did Mutharika knew that Malawians  have woken up from slumber and can no longer be used for political gain.

No wonder political commentator Professor Mustapha Hussein advised Mutharika to tame his tongue because as a former president he has a duty to perform.

Hussein told Mutharika to guard against utterances which could bleed disunity and generate into chaos. 

Hussein said Mutharika being a lawyer should be the first one to know that declaring a president illegitimate and illegal is wrong and that only the courts can do such declaration. 

Adds Hussein: “This call could have not come from former president. Governments in Malawi come in and go through the ballot. Once the Malawi Electoral Commission has declared some one as a winner , no one can challenge that. Its only Judiciary which can declare and interpret something illegal.”

Hussein said such remarks from Mutharika has capacity to generate violence because every time followers take words from their leaders.

African Union welcome the participation of out going heads of state and government in efforts to promote democratic principles, good governance, and human security and development through individual and collective action.

Instead of spearheading regime change there is need to follow the affirmation that changes of power and political succession should always be based on constitutional rule and democratic principles.

Mutharika should learn from former President Dr Joyce Banda who has demonstrated love towards her country.

Dr. Johce Banda has been busy with safety nets programs which helps women economically. 

Free advice to Mutharika: leadership is relay race, you had your time. This is Dr. Chakwera’s time to lead and develop the country.

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