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Mzuzu city council cautions vendors  

Nov 27, 2021

By Naomi Mseteka

Mzuzu City Council Spokesperson McDonald Gondwe on Thursday asked illegal vendors to start operating their businesses in legal places during night market which the city has set aside. 

Gondwe however asked vendors who operate during night market to adhere to the rules set on the place where vendors conduct their businesses.

Speaking in an interview Mzuzu City Council Spokesperson, Gondwe said vendors are not patronizing the new market which has been set to start at 6 pm saying vendors still operate in illegal places and this brings a challenge to city council in collecting market fees.

“Mzuzu City Council launched Night Mobile Market four weeks ago and we are experiencing challenges as vendors are not willingly patronizing the legal places when it’s 6 pm and are still using the old market  and  as city council we do not get market fees,” Gondwe said.

One of the vendors Nancy Mphalakasanga said the night market which the Mzuzu City Council set up is helping her to do house chores during the day time and do business later on during the evening.  

She however said most traders are following where customers are hence they do not plying their business in a marketplace set by the council.

“The introduction of night market is a good idea because I am able to conduct other activities during the day and at night l do my business. We however opt for the illegal places because of customers,” Mphalakasanga said.

The Mzuzu city council introduced the night Market to give access to vendors to perform their businesses and it starts from 6 pm to 9 pm.

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