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Namiwa abducts himself for a pay cheque from pay masters

Jul 29, 2022

Namiwa abducts himself for a pay-cheque from his pay masters
Sylvester Namiwa must think Malawians are naive. He staged his own abduction in a broad day light on Wednesday only to avail himself to people in a “lost but found” style 24 hours later.

Namiwa disappeared into thin air at Crown Hotel on Wednesday immediately after briefing the media in his capacity Executive Director of Centre for Democracy and Economic Development (CDEDI) ahead of the demonstrations which took place today. Looking how things happened one can connect the dots that his abduction was staged to create a scenario where Malawians will be blaming President Lazurus Chakwera’s government for being behind his ordeal. 

As the minister of Homeland Security Jean Sendeza put it, the abduction story was truly masterminded by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). In case there are people who do not know that CDEDI is the brainchild of the disgruntled DPP.

Namiwa once worked as one of the Press Secretaries at State House during Peter Mutharika Presidency. His appointment was an act of tokenism for the job well done at the DPP’s two mouth piece Malawi Voice and Galaxy FM. Now that he is into activism solely to fight Chakwera led administration is hardly surprising as he is truly a DPP plant in the activism arena
In their lack of wisdom, the DPP thought CDEDI would grow in the stature to become a force to reckon with like the like of the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) and frustrate the Chakwera administration through the demonstrations the way HRDC with DPP. What the DPP forgot was the fact that HRDC was not formed solely for mass protests.

HRDC only shot to fame because Malawians embraced it as a vehicle to express their discontent of the DPP regime.

HRDC was people driven, that’s why Malawinans from all walks of walks of life joined those series of demonstrations.
The likes of Thomas Mtambo, Gift Trapence, the Billy Mayaya’s and Sembereka’s whose fame Namiwa craves for. Those ones braved brutally and torture at the hands of DPP but they continued leading the demonstrations because they had the trust of Malawians
In contrast Namiwa’s activism is DPP driven that is why it is supported by a few DPP followers and tribesmen. Now it appears that his pay masters have realized that their demonstrations are not attractive enough they decided gone to the extreme to the extent of staging the abduction to generate sympathy. They thought by staging the abduction Malawians and they will become morbid and today’s demonstrations could have been uncontrollable and they could have their field day to control the situation
Namiwa has been found in Nathenje. Contrary to reports that at the time of his abduction, the assailants skinned him badly such that people feared that he may have been killed but he appears to have not been hurt at all
Now that he is found are his pay masters happy with staged performance?
If the comments on the social media are anything to go by the am afraid to say that Mr Namiwa did not get the sympathies he was looking for. There not many sympathizing with him except few DPP sympathizers that are hell bent o blaming President Chakwera for almost everything happening on the earth. But that was a futile mission. 

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