Nankhumwa camp mocks Madala team for DPP loss

Aug 25, 2022

As divisions continue to rock the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), the Nankhumwa led faction has blamed Bright Msaka and Dalitso Kabambe for Shire Ward loss in Tuesday’s by-election.

According to a write up circulating on social media, some supporters loyal to the embattled vice President for southern region Kondwani Nankhumwa accused the two who campaigned in the ward for failing to convince the electorate to vote for the party’s candidate.

“DPP did not lose in Balaka, its Kababambe and Msaka who have lost because of their sense of self-importance. These two especially have been touting themselves as powerful in the Eastern region,” says the write up.

The sentiments were echoed by the Grezzelda Jeffrey,DPP Secretary General, who alleged on her Facebook page that Msaka has been restraining party officials especially from their camp from conducting rallies in the area. Jeffrey alleged that the two do not have influence in the region as they claim.

“The campaign which Dalitso Kabambe and Bright Msaka did, has not helped DPP. The two wanted to gain political mileage in Shire Ward but they have failed big time, as you have seen, Balaka has rejected them,” she said.

Like it has been happening in the past by-elections the MCP has emerged the overall winner of the Tuesday’s by-election after scooping two Wards in Wenya, Chitipa and Lupembe Ward in Karonga. On Wednesday the Malawi Electoral Commission declared Ronald Kayira and Elisha Winga of MCP winners of Wenya Ward and Lupembe respectively, while Shire Ward in Balaka Central has gone to the UDF.

The recent defeat is an indication that the DPP continues losing political ground. In March last year the party failed to retain three parliamentary seats in the three constituencies in another by-election which was conducted in seven constituencies across the country. Among those who lost their seats were notable names like former deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje and former cabinet Minister Francis Kasaira, both lost to MCP candidates.
The DPP dismal performance has seen it further losing out to UDF and MCP in other by-elections in recent times in Chikhwawa Central, Mangochi East and Karonga Central.

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