Nankhumwa faulted for reporting AIP glitches to MHRC

Feb 6, 2023

Social media commentators have described it a sign of lack of leadership a decision taken by Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa to report glitches faced in the Affordable Input Programme (AIP) to the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC).

Nankhumwa recently wrote MHRC narrating ‘abuse of human rights by the government’ for failing to provide the farm inputs to the targeted farmers in time.

However, social media fanatics argued that the action taken by the Leader of Opposition as a sign that he is not a leader.

“It simply confirms the weakness of the opposition. What is the role of the opposition? What do parliamentary rules say abuse government abuse of power and the action to be taken to address the vice?” asked Andrew Chizewe.

“So, a whole leader of opposition decides to lodge a complaint to the Malawi Human Rights Commission for the government’s abuse of human rights? What is the role of the opposition, or is there opposition in Malawi to take the government to task? Is there hope for Malawians to have the opposition replace the current government in the next election?” Chizewe went on.

He warned that ‘the next election will not be won on a silver platter despite numerous mistakes the Tonse boys are making’.

“MHRC reports to parliament and now the opposite is happening. AIP abuse can easily be handled by the Parlaimentary Committe on Agriculture and not MHRC despite the allegation of human rights abuse. Parliament must show its supremacy. This is why the Chizuma saga is going in circles,” said Chizewe.

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