Nankhumwa is so petty for a Leader of Opposition

Aug 13, 2022

I have always known Kondwani Nankhumwa to be petty but I never knew he is this petty until yesterday. Delivering his closing remarks of marking the adjournment of the 49 Session of Parliament, Nankhumwa could not resist the temptation to take a dig at the Tonse-Alliance Government.

From the beginning, we must understand the caliber of a man we are going to discuss in this write up. Nankhumwa could be forgiven for his poor reasoning as his academic background speaks volumes of his inadequacies. It will be asking too much to expect people like Nankhumwa who are as good as any other scho school dropouts to grasp the technical aspects of government. Personally, I was not surprised to see him peddling lies because he was speaking based on a misinformed position.
In part, the embattled Leader of Opposition claimed that government has failed to come up with strategies of revamping the country’s agriculture sector.

He said: “Its high time the country needs to transform from rain fed agriculture and adopt other farming methods. I am concerned over Government’s failure to find practical solutions of addressing high level poverty among Malawians.”

Hearing this I had to agree with those who say that there are people in this country who speak because they have an opportunity to speak even when they have nothing to say. Truly, Nankhumwa had to speak to fulfil his obligation as the Leader of opposition but he had nothing substantial to say.

Coming from someone who was previously the Minister of Agriculture and Leader of the House during the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration, his remarks shows that the DPP administration miserably failed to improve agriculture in the country.

The DPP inherited failed policies of the UDF and they (DPP) ran the policies to the ground instead of improving them. Again, Nankhumwa could have been forgiven if he has explained how he improved agriculture during his time as the agriculture minister but he said nothing in that regard to demonstrate that he did something to improve agriculture let alone the areas of irrigation.

Nankhumwa also claimed that the prevailing economic difficulties being experienced in the country is as a result of poor economic policies by the Tonse government. As already stated, Nankhumwa is intellectually bankrupt but at least he should be in a position to know that no country in the world has not been spared by the effects of the Ukraine war.
Just last week, President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera had a lengthy phone conversation with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Volonsky where among other things President Volonsky confirmed to the Malawi leader that the war in his country has disrupted the global economic activities.

According to a statement released by State House after the two leaders talked to each other, the Ukrainian President indicated that the Russian invasion on his country has caused the acute shortage of essential commodities such as fuel, fertilizer and different food stuffs resulting in uncontrollable price increases on the world market.
The statement reads: “President Volonsky outlined various disruptions this war is causing such as increased global prices of fuel, food, fertilizer which he said will regularize once peace and security in Eastern Europe is restored.”
If I were to choose who to believe between the Ukrainian leader and the self- appointed Leader of Opposition I will believe the voice of the Ukrainian leader because it was coming from the horse’s mouth.
All in all, a number of challenges being experienced in this country especially in agriculture is as a result of poor policies of DPP’s government misrule. In the last twenty- six years, the DPP was in power for a total of thirteen. Eight years under Bingu Wa Mutharika and six years under his brother Peter and Nankhumwa played a key part of both administrations.
If the DPP government had good policies to improve agriculture, the Chakwera led Tonse administration could have built from where they stopped, apparently the DPP left with nothing tangible in the agricultural sector that Chakwera had to start from scratch. Sadly, Nankhumwa expect Chakwera to clear the mess, they created for years, just in two years.

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