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New IFMIS starts biting

Jun 27, 2022


Ministry of Finance has discovered that some dishonest civil servants have been trying to break the news IFMIS walls and conduct sinister and fraudulent activities but have failed.

Police in Lilongwe has already arrested an accountant from the Accountant General’s department, over alleged irregular transactions.

Harry Namwaza, Police national deputy public relations officer has identified the suspect as Estone Nephan Sani, 52 , from the area of Traditional Authority Kalolo in Lilongwe.

The Ministry of Finance is yet to say how much Sani is suspected to have stolen from government.

The arrest comes after an investigation by Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs exposed fraudulent activities perpetrated by officers at the Accountant General’s department for personal gain.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, the investigation has successfully exposed various fraudulent activities and transactions.

The statement says the new Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) has been instrumental in assisting government with monitoring transactions, identifying irregularities and improving efficiency in public service delivery in accordance with laws of Malawi.

In addition the statement says that in pursuit of Government’s policy of ending corruption and upholding the rule of law, the Ministry referred the matter to the Fiscal Police for the enforcement of any laws violated by suspected culprits, resulting in the arrest of at least one officer.

‘’The Ministry therefore wishes to thank the Fiscal Police for moving with speed on the matter and for assisting Government in fulfilling its mandate to safeguard the hard-earned resources of Malawian taxpayers and to ensure that the use of such resources for any purpose other than the advancement and poll of Malawi and its people is never tolerated,” reads part of the statements.

Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Public Relations Officer Taurai Banda declined to give more details on the matter and the arrest since he said investigations are still underway. He referred the matter to fiscal Police.

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