• December 5, 2022 2:36 am

NGOs Advised to Consult Govt. First on Working Areas to Avoid Congestion

Jul 5, 2022

Government has advised Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to consult government first before going into districts to kickstart their activities to avoid congestion.

Speaking during the National Gender Working Group in Lilongwe on Monday, Deputy Minister of Gender Agness Mkusa – Nkhoma said there have been scenarios where organisations find themselves compacted in one area leaving other areas without any activity.

Mkusa – Nkhoma said consultations would be ideal in spreading interventions in all the hot spots.

“As government what we need is organazations to work in all areas. We should avoid working in one place. There should be eaqual distribution of activities. Let us Know what programs they want to bring so that we can advise them what to do,” she said.

Commenting on the same, Ronard Phiri Cief Gender and Development Officer responsible for gender main streaming said there is a need for organizations to work hand in hand with government for easy coordination.

He said the non state actors should also learn to present their work plans to government for proper guidelines.

“We want them to understand the need to work with hand in hand with government so that we can easily track their activities”, he said.

Government is currently working on the National Gender Policy which expired in 2021 and the coming policy will include issues presently affecting Malawians.

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