No one should attack Dr. Lazarus Chakwera for attending Kulamba

Aug 28, 2022

The function is also good for regional intergration

Reports which Democratic Progressive Party operatives are spreading condemning Malawi President Dr Lazarus Chakwera for attending Kulamba ceremony is not just unfortunate but deplorable. DPP social media zealots have been on social media spreading lies that Malawi leader took with him the whole cabinet which is fallacious of highest order.

For starters, Former President Dr Bingu wa Mutharika in August 2007, travelled all the way to Mkaika Katete District of Zambia by road with the whole convoy of more than twenty vehicles where he attended Chewa Kulamba Traditional ceremony. While in Zambia Bingu wa Mutharika spoke highly on the importance of the event. Bingu commended Chewa people of the three countries for preserving their culture. Bingu was joined with former Mozambican President Almando Gebuza and Zambia president Levi Mwanawasa.

After the event Bingu alongside Mwanawasa jointly commissioned construction work of Chipata/Mchinji Railway project. DPP should stop this ranting. President Lazarus Chakwera has done a good job to represent Malawi at the ceremony.

While in Zambia, President Dr Lazarus Chakwera said the Kulamba ceremony promotes regional unity as it is jointly attended by people from three neighboring countries of Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

Chakwera said Chewa people must embrace the Kulamba ceremony as a uniting tool between nations and different cultural groups in the three countries.

“The presence of Chewa people in all three of our nations is an asset and an opportunity that can be leveraged for enhancing the solidarity and relations between these nations. In other words, the best use of the ubiquity of Chewa people is not the subjugation of other cultural groups, but the galvanization of them towards common goals. Not only must Chewa people embrace this role of being a uniting agent between our nations, but Chewa people must also embrace this role of uniting the different cultural groups inside our nations,” said Chakwera.

He urged Chewa people to reflect on what values their culture and leader teaches them to promote across their nations.
Said the Malawi leader: “These values include education and sustainable socio-economic development, as well as cultural reform that seeks to cure our tradition of such harmful practices Chokolo and Mwambo wa Fisi, which we know to be dehumanizing and detrimental to our wellbeing. It also includes the value of sharing in each sufferings by responding to them as if they are our own.

Let us therefore resolve here and now to return to our respective nations with a new determination to make the Chewa culture synonymous with doing good for the benefit and harmony of all who call Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique their home.”

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