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Nocma assures Malawians on adequate fuel supply

Feb 5, 2022

By judgement katika

The National Oil Company of Malawi_ NOCMA says Malawians should not further worry about fuel crisis in the country as it is procuring adequate fuel both petrol and desel after a hitch when Trade and Development Bank (TDB) temporarily suspended fuel importation in the country.

NOCMAS Deputy Director, Hellen Buluma said this during a media oriantation that took place at BICC in Lilongwe.

She said TDB is their main financer interms of fuel importation and its suspension made the country run out of fuel.

Currently, Buluma is ensuring Malawians that they should not worry about shortages of fuel as they resolved the matter on 23 December last year and now the country is procuring adequate fuel.

She added that they are looking for other options in addition to what they have so that they have alternative sources of financing.

She further said that they are also working on strategies to graduate from depending financing from external finances so that NOCMA should start importing some fuels from it’s own resources.

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