• Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

OCL fires two workers over assault case in Lilongwe

Malawi Exclusive

Open Connect Limited (OCL), an ICT network provider has reacted swiftly by terminating the services of its two casual workers who were caught on video assaulting a young man in Lilongwe who was suspected of vandalizing the company’s infrastructure.

In a statement, OCL Chief Executive Officer Sandile Dhlomo said they have been made aware of the video which has gone viral on social media and condemned the act by the workers.

“The company has an established policy and guidelines that ensure that the rule of law is respected when dealing with cases of vandalism of telecommunications facilities. While OCL deplores any acts of vandalism on network infrastructure, any use of force and violence by any of its employees or any person is strongly condemned by the organization.”

“In perpetrating such heinous assault, the said employees acted contrary to the values and policies of the Company, and did not act on behalf of the company, rather were on a frolic of their own. In this regard, following our own internal investigations, the employment of the said casual workers was immediately terminated in line with the Company’s Disciplinary Code,” said Dhlomo.

He said OCL is keenly following up on the matter with the relevant authorities and regrets the unfortunate incident and assures the public that it will continue enhancing cordial working relationships with members of the public when carrying out its duties.

“OCL has further reached out to the young man’s family to express its deepest remorse for the conduct displayed by our casual employees and has offered assistance with medical bills,” said Dhlomo.

He also said OCL is aware of the prevailing problem of vandalism of ICT infrastructure being perpetrated by some individuals across the country and is working tirelessly with law enforcement authorities to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to book.

OCL is a progressive telecommunications company that provides quality ICT network service in Malawi and beyond.

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