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PACHI hailed for safe motherhood interventions in Mangochi

Nov 2, 2021 ,

By Ernest Mfunya

Women in Mangochi have commended Parent and Child Health Initiative (PACHI) for promoting safe motherhood programs which have seen reduced maternal deaths in the district.

The women said most of child-bearing age females in Malombe area now understand the importance of seeking medical attention before, during and after delivery in health facilities.

They were speaking on Monday when PACHI organised door-to-door meetings with mothers at Malombe in the district, which was one way of evaluating the organisations Safe Motherhood Programmes.

Lead mother and Vice-Chairperson for PACHIs radio listening club, Mirriam Misi, told Malawi News Agency that PACHIs interventions in Malombe had brought positive impact on womens life because of safe motherhood interventions.

Misi, who leads Bwalo Radio Listening Club at Kadewele Village in Senior Chief Chowe, said women no longer deliver their babies at home after recognising that the malpractice had led to a number of deaths in the area.

“The coming in of PACHI has changed the situation in our area, for instance, it is now so rare to see women delivering at home as they have now understood the importance of going to health facilities to seek safe motherhood services,” she said.

Misi, therefore, urged fellow women to continue seeking safe motherhood services in health facilities closer to their areas to reduce maternal deaths.

She further urged them to disseminate the right information on safe motherhood among fellow women to ensure they make informed choices.
The Bwalo Radio Listening Club leader also asked PACHI to continue promoting safe motherhood programmes in Malombe and other areas in Mangochi where she said information on safe motherhood was limited.

A representative of Malombe Health Centre, Dickson Saiwala, also commended PACHI for its safe motherhood interventions, saying apart from saving lives of babies and mothers in the area, the initiatives have seen men supporting safe motherhood.

“We now see men accompanying their wives to access antenatal services at clinics at early stages; this was not the case in the past.
“Weve also noted a decrease in cases of women giving birth in homes. This has resulted in reduced maternal deaths,” said Saiwala.

PACH District Coordinator, Angela Mbawa, said the organisation has an obligation to ensure that mothers in rural areas seek medical attention in health facilities during delivery.
She added that PACHIs safe motherhood programme assists women to interact with health workers and demand for suitable medical services.

If the medical personnel fail to assist them, she said Bwalo Radio Listening Club intervenes in exposing the medical malpractice to authorities.

PACHI is currently implementing a project dubbed Integrated C4D for Increasing Demand for Primary Health Care Services in Chowe area and Monkey Bay in Traditional Authority Nankumba in Mangochi.

The project is being implemented with funds from UNICEF, a United Nations body that aims at ensuring that the welfare of children, women, youth and people living with disabilities is improved.

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