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Parliamentarian Abida Mia ending water woes in Chikwawa Nkombedzi

Nov 14, 2021

By Munthu Wakuda

Water problems in Chikwawa Nkombedzi constituency are fast becoming a thing of the past as Member of Parliament for the area, Abida Mia, has embarked on maintaining all dysfunctional boreholes in addition to drilling new ones.

Mia who is also Deputy Minister of Lands has already spent over K1.6 million to restore 20 boreholes and intends to repair 12 more across her constituency within the next fortnight.

Group Village Headman (GVH) Magalasi and GVH Andiseni including their subjects were overjoyed when their respective boreholes were maintained.

It was all relief on the part of the womenfolk who narrated that it is them who suffer the brunt of waking up as early as 3 O’clock in the morning and walking long distances of about 5 kilometers to draw water from alternative sources when a borehole malfunctions.

It was further shared, that in such cases and out of desperation, women fetch water from unsafe sources like rivers and streams.

Accelerated by the power of love for her people, Abida Mia has mentioned that a borehole drilling project is in the pipeline. She disclosed that the project will roll out by the end of this November, targeting communities that have no available source of clean and potable water.

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