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DPP Kayuni is right to demand reports before arresting corruption suspects

Jan 30, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

Anti Corruption Bureau directorate is in the media this time accusing Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Dr Steve Kayuni for demanding full report before he approves their cases.

Some people believe this is a scheme to shield some corruption connected minds.

In the same vein Parliamentary Legal Affairs Committee has summoned DPP to appear before it next week to answer some questions on the same.

In the first place while Parliament has a mandate to summon anyone and appear before it , but on this one they have overstepped their mandate.

DPP is doing his constitutional duties and why is Parliament trying to stiffle and interfere with DPP. Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs should not work just after social media hoax.

It is time this committee should start working and ask our ACB very important questions on how far has ACB gone on 13 files which were ready for prosecution, how far is K40Billion Ashok Leyland case, How many people have been prosecuted and serving jail sentences following the Baker Tilley Report which is gathering dust.

Its time this committee remain active to fight speed trials of corruption case by training more investigation team at all levels.

Dr Kayuni is working hard in ensuring that Malawi is a corrupt free nation in line with what Malawi Leader President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has been saying.

For the starters to this issue, in a response to Chizuma on January 14, 2022, Director of Public Prosecution Steven Kayuni faulted the ACB director for bringing to his office inconclusive material which cannot proceed for prosecution.

Chizuma had only submitted an Interim Investigation Report in seeking consent to arrest and prosecute Ashok Nair who is Zuneith Sattar’s agent, Director at the Ministry of Energy Cassius Chiwambo and others.

The DPP expressed shock at how incomplete Chizuma’s request was yet she has proceeded to treat it as her final submission.

“It is actually surprising to note that there are findings and recommendations on an interim investigation report. One wonders what will be the findings and recommendations on the completed investigations,” queried Kayuni.

“We thus advise that either your good office furnishes us with a completed investigation report or as an alternative consider advising us with evidence,” wrote Kayuni.

The documents Kayuni was referring to include a complete Investigations Report, Legal Opinion, Proposed Charges and Consent form. According to him, these documents are crucial in independent analysis of the evidence and the law.

The DPP further advised the ACB director not to take granting of consent simply as an academic exercise or expect endorsements from his office on inadequate supplications.

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