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Pastor Joram Church  triumphs despite false prophecies

Jul 4, 2022

By Our Reporter

Limpopo RSA

What God has built,no man can destroy,any one who has been blessed by God,no man can curse.If Baraam failed to curse the blessed generation” How can i curse who God has blessed ?”

The word of God shall never go unfulfilled,this has been revealed in Rainbow Nation, South Africa,where Pastor Salanje has failed to curse the Man of God who was once his Deputy in his church.

The past weeks,social media was awashed with stories about Pastor Joram who left the church of Pastor Salanje and started his church,The Holy Nation Church. The Exit of Pastor Joram did not go well with Pastor Salanje, instead of wishing his son well,he started fighting and cursing him.

One day Pastor Salanje wrote on his facebook page who later deleted after some his church leaders threatened to leave his church if he continues to fight Joram. On his page he wrote ” I didn’t invite you but you came yourself to me, with love I welcomed you and taught you everything, I gave you money, I gave you my best car Jagua but in all of that you decided to be using your wife to insult me for no reason until God told me to take you out of the church”

He further threatened Pastor Joram that “In this you and your wife and your family will know that am a Prophet of God.”

He even Prophesied to Pastor Joram that ” That thing you have started will not last more than 4 months if it does then God did not call me.”

But barery five weeks since Pastor Joram established The Holy Nation Church,the growth of the church is very exceptional,he has managed to rent a big place, and the membership has grown more than expected.

The Prophecy has indeed failed,instead of cursing God has blessed.Do not fight what God has blessed.

Pastor Joram is a malawian born Pastor who started working with Pastor Salanje for a long time,he did alot of crusades in Malawi and he is not new in the kingdom work. He is a man full of wisdom and helping heart.

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