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Pastor K. Joram vs Pastor Salanje ; rages over sheep in foreign land

May 16, 2022

By our reporter

Church Politics,Envy and Bitternes are the things that men of God should avoid for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven.

A shoking news is trending in social media platforms and whatsup groups of men of God. One tend to wonder,why do men of God fight over nothing??

Pastor Salanje has been shocked with the progress of his former associate Pastor’s Church who left him due to his oppressive character that even other pastors in his church are preparing to leave. Today Pastor Salanje has given Pastor Joram 4 months ultematum, untill this church collapse or else he will stop being a Prophet.”

“That thing will not last more than 4 months if it does then God did not call me,said Salanje.

“I didn’t invite you but you came yourself to me, with love I welcomed you and taught you everything, I gave you money, I gave you my best car Jagua but in all of that you decided to be using your wife to insult me for no reason until God told me to take you out of the church” continued Pastor Salanje.

He further threatened Pastor Joram that “In this you and your wife and your family will know that am a prophet of God.”

According to a report from God’ Chapel within the executive,Pastor Salanje told some his senior leaders that he was not happy with the progress that Pastor Joram has made,and this they should find any altenative to bring him down.

Pastor Joram’s second sunday service of today 15th May,2022 has not been welcomed well by Pastor Salanje.

One member from the executive team for Pastor Salanje,who asked us not to mention his name said Pastor Joram left peacefully,he is a wonderfull gifted calm pastor who has never been in issues with anyone,and he was not excomunicated at all,thats a lie.

The newly established church that started services last week sunday has today surprised alot of People in south Africa including Pastor Salanje.

To start a church in South Africa is never easy,alot of men of God started and are still in small buildings,its not about establishing the church,its about knowing what gift do you carry, Pastor Joram has started well,and we are sure alot of people will follow him,the guy is not pompous like other men of God, said a Pastor based in Capetown who came for the service.

Pastor Joram will soon make an official statement of the launching of the church and also open branches in few countries before the year end.

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