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Pastor Nicky Chakwera’s “Ring of Truth” radio program clocks 10 years; Anniversary festival slated for saturday July 23

Jul 20, 2022

One of the country’s most followed Christian apologist radio and TV program, Ring of Truth, is this year celebrating ten years of existence with a number of activities lined up at a commemoration festival slated for July 23 at ICA Marquee in Lilongwe.

Ring of Truth, hosted by Pastor Nick Chakwera on Channel for All Nations (CAN) Radio and TV, is a 3-hour live interactive program where people phone in and send texts asking questions mostly on Bible related topics.

The program started airing on July 23, 2012 and has grown its base over the decade.

According to Pastor Nick Chakwera the celebration will be characterized by a range of entertainment presentations.

“As such we want to celebrate and thank the listeners who have loved and stuck with the program. The festival will be a family day and will cater for everyone. We have set a section as a playground for children while others will be enjoying music performances by the Great Angels choir which will be our main act of the day,” said Pastor Chakwera adding that in an interview.

Another highlight of the day will be a music performance by Pastor Chakwera himself who is expected to launch ten songs drawn from the themes the program has covered over the past decade.

“I decided to do the songs as a way of thanking the listeners. These thematic presentations include God’s existence, the existence of evil, the debates of evolution or abortion, whether the resurrection of Jesus is myth or truth etc. are discussed on the program.”

In addition, some of the performers will be musicians whose songs are consistently played on the program.

The program has become a popular feature in many Christians’ diaries as it teaches them how to defend their beliefs.

“We tackle all issues to do with how we view the world as Christians. It is important to understand what the Christian perspective ought to be on various issues because it does affect how we live in the Republic. It matters for society whether God exists or not, whether we came from monkey-like animals or not, whether abortion is right or wrong, whether the Bible is God’s word or just man’s etc.”

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