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Police embrace scrap metal dealers in anti-vandalism drive

Apr 22, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

The Commissioner of Police responsible for Central West Region (CWR), Mr Peter Chasweka PPM, has rallied the scrap metal dealers to play a whistleblower role in a bid to curb vandalism.

He was speaking on Friday, April 22, 2022 at a meeting held at Central Region Training Centre (CRTC) in Lilongwe.

The meeting attracted various stakeholders including Scrap Metal Dealers Association, Lilongwe City and District councils, Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM), Lilongwe Water board (LWB), Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL), Malangalanga Landlords and Police detectives from urban stations.

Said Commissioner Chasweka: “It is quite dangerous and destructive to register a vandalism case whereby for example, a signpost is stolen, leading to road accidents. We need to bring sanity and control in relation to vandalism in our region”.

He explained that transformers, water pipes, railway lines and copper wire infrastructure are some of the targets for vandalism.

“As scrap metal dealers you need to examine which metals to buy or not. If you suspect foul play by the seller, do not hesitate to inform Police” said the Commissioner.

On his part, the Regional Executive Committee (REC) chairperson, Dr Alex Chapondera opined that the scrap metal dealers are a crucial component in fighting vandalism.

Said Dr Chapondera: “You must always monitor each other and strive for clean business without engaging in shady deals. That is one way to achieving a conducive working environment for scrap metal business”.

Speaking earlier, Mr Patrick Jonathan who is chairperson for the Central Region Scrap Metal Dealers Association hailed the multi-sectoral approach taken by CWR.

“We sustain our families using this scrap metal business hence we cannot allow other culprits to spoil our livelihood on scrap metal venture due to vandalism”, declared Chairperson Jonathan.

The meeting has made resolutions which include establishing an anti-vandalism taskforce comprising all stakeholders.

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