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President Chakwera bemoans moral breakdown in institutions

Jun 4, 2022

By Malawi Exclusive

President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera said the country needs people who cannot compromise their morals in their deeds.

Dr Lazarus Chakwera

The Malawi leader was speaking on Saturday at African Bible College (ABC) in Lilongwe during the graduation ceremony held at the college’s campus.

President Chakwera said the country is facing numerous challenges a result of decades of moral breakdown.

“Many of the ills of our nation in every sector are direct result of decades of ethical compromise, leading to multiple moral crises that we are currently facing as a nation,” said President Chakwera.

President Chakwera emphasized that the country is at a point where it needs quality Christian leadership desperately in order to curb the challenges the country is facing.

“And from where I stand, I cannot think of a time in our nation’s history when quality Christian leadership is far much needed. I first of all mean leadership that is uncompromising in matters of ethics,” said President Chakwera.

The Malawi leader expressed worries that moral decay has infiltrated and eaten the fabric of every sector in the country including education where cheating has become order of the day.

“In the education sector, tens of thousands of students are failing to pass the secondary school examination every year because the quality of teaching is poor, but the reason the quality of teaching they receive is poor because for decades, the leaders of many schools made ethical compromise, allowing culture of cheating to prevail,” said the President.

Established in 1989, ABC was the first private and Christian college. The college was founded on the principles of Christian values.

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