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President Chakwera calls for collaborative response to current global situation

Mar 18, 2022

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

President Lazarus Chakwera on Thursday said the current global circumstances demand both collaborative and collective response with courage to the adoption of the Doha Programme of Action, which he has describe as the best opportunity and only hope for charting a recovery path for the world’s most vulnerable countries.

He was making his remarks during the adoption of the Doha Programme of Action for Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in his capacity as the chairperson for the 46 Member countries body at the conference held on March 17,2022 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York -USA.

Chakwera told the summit that globally, countries are living at a time of great consequence that demands great courage, adding that a confluence of global forces is marching against humanity at a frightening speed and putting the world towards calamity.

“We therefore insist that the adoption of the Doha Programme of Action is a must. It is a must because it contains measures for eradicating our people’s poverty. It is a must because it contains measures for ending our people’s hunger and malnutrition. It is a must because it contains measures for making internet access universal, for diversifying our economies, for increasing our exports and trade, and for setting a benchmark for ODA. It is a must because it includes the establishment of an online university, an international investment support center, and food stockholding for enabling LDCs to build back better.” Said President Chakwera in part of his address to the summit.

He then emphasized on the reason why countries under LDC are brought together, saying it is to move together towards shared prosperity that will enable such countries to graduate.

But the LDC chairman was quick to point out that for the Doha Programme of Action to succeed, there is a great need for implementation of its action plan.

Further, Chakwera pledged LDCs commitment to fully implement the Programme of Action, as well as calling upon development partners to respond to the call.

“Specifically, I call on the entire UN system for support, which must be rendered coherently and consistently, including the support of UN Resident Coordinators and Country Teams in the countries where the target populations are domiciled. I call upon the UN leadership to strengthen the office of the High Representative for the LDC, LLDC, and SIDs, for not only has this office been instrumental in driving the progress we have made, but its workload as we move towards implementation has increased.” Reads part of the speech by the chairman for the Least Developed Countries during the conference in New York, whose speech did not go without mentioning how devastating the Covid-19 pandemic and the Tropical Cyclones have been to the Least Developed Countries, like Mozambique, Madagascar, Bangladesh, Comoros, Haiti, and Myanmar which lies in the coast, not forgetting Malawi though not lying at the coast.

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