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President Chakwera calls for resilience and prosperity Malawi

Jul 6, 2022

By Kondanan Chilimnthaka

Malawi today celebrated her 58th Independence with a call from the Malawi leader to rise for resilience and prosperity of the nation.

Chakwera made the call during the country’s 58th Independence celebrations which took place in Lilongwe at Bingu International Conference Center on Wednesday, July 6,2022.

Making his speech, President Chakwera told the nation that as the country is rising, its citizens must also rise in unity, both politically and socially.

Giving an example of how he has managed to live at peace with his predecessors, his Vice President, opposition leaders, and how his administration has empowered women with senior positions in various sectors among others, the President said it is an indication that the country is rising.

“When they ask you why it is that in this country, we now finally have empowered women at the helm of Parliament, the Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Ombudsman, the Human Right Commission, the Financial Intelligence Authority, the Malawi Gaming Board, the Office of President and Cabinet, the Ministry of Gender and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Homeland Security, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Water and Sanitation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Labour, the Embassies of Malawi to United States, the United Nations, Belgium, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, and Mozambique, tell them it’s because A New Malawi is Rising.” President Chakwera said.

He further urged the citizenry to embrace unity for the betterment of the country’s developments regardless of social, political and religious affiliations.

“And when they ask why it is that that we have leaders of various political parties peacefully co-existing and celebrating this Independence together despite many dark forces trying to tear us asunder, or why the sitting President has made peace with those who suffered injustices under the one party state, or why the President lives at peace with his predecessors and his Vice President and accords them the dignity they deserve, tell them it’s because A New Malawi is Rising.” Reads in part Chakwera’ Independence speech.

He then emphasized on the fight against corruption, saying he will not tolerate the vice, and that he will make sure the law reigns supreme not considering who is facing allegations.

The National Service of Worship attracted religious leaders from various denominations, and Malawians from all walks of life as one way of commemorating the 58th Independence Day, and has been conducted under the theme “Rise for a Resilient and Prosperous Malawi.”

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