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President Chakwera calls for unity

Jul 17, 2022

President Lazarus Chakwera has once again appealed for unity among all Malawians for the development of the country.

Addressing a huge crowd that gathered at Malindi Community Ground in the area of Paramount chief Kawinga in Mangochi on Saturday, July 16,2022, President Chakwera said a divided nation can not develop, hence a need for all Malawians to unite as one nation regardless of social, religious, and political differences.

Further, the President urged the citizenry to desist from mob justice, and lawlessness, saying no country can move forward with such conduct.

“Let us be a nation of love, a nation of tolerance, and unity. We can not develop if we be a nation built on lawlessness, regionalism, tribalism, or divided for our differences in religions, gender, or age. We will not succeed as a nation towards our vision.

Let us as a nation sacrifice ourselves to develop our country. Ladies and gentlemen, let us all do this work of uplifting Malawi, and this Malawi is Rising because we have already started that spirit of uplifting it together as one people, having one vision as our national anthem states”. Said President Chakwera.

On citizen empowerment, Chakwera concurred with the former President Joyce Banda, and urged the National Economic Empowerment Fund (NEEF) to ensure that it is fair in its operations so that the loans it provides are benefiting the whole country.

But the President was quick to say that such loans must not be the genesis of poverty for the beneficiaries, while urging the beneficiaries on the other hand to be paying back once they get the loans.

Additionally, President Chakwera told the gathering that security officers in the country deserve better facilities like houses and other resources so that they serve the nation well, hence the initiative to construct modern houses for them across the country.

“Our men in uniform can serve better if they have better facilities, our country can develop highly if we can hold hands as a nation in all areas of development like infrastructure development, trade, agriculture, tourism, and mining among others”. Added Malawi leader while referring to the security houses he handed over to Police officers at Malamya, in the morning of the day as one positive development towards Malawi 2063 vision.

But President Chakwera was quick to say his administration will not tolerate any substandard work in any government project, saying he will concentrate on building a strong foundation in a wake-up to Malawi 2063 vision for the better future generations. Here President Chakwera commended DEC construction company for a good work done in construction of Malamya Police houses in Mangochi district, and assured the people of Mangochi that Malindi – Makanjira road construction work will start soon.

During the rally at Malindi, some notable politicians from different political parties defected to the Malawi Congress Party, and were welcomed by President Chakwera who is also the President of party.

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