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President Chakwera challenges the judicial system in the country

Apr 10, 2022

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has challenged judiciary in the country to be active and within time in executing cases, saying any delay in justice system brings lawlessness in citizenry like mob justice, taking to streets, and media platforms to pronounce judgements and punishments on individuals not yet investigated for crimes.

Speaking during the swearing in ceremony of the Chief Justice Rizine Mzikamanda of the Supreme Court of Appeal and the seven Judges of the High Court of Malawi at Kamuzu Palace in the capital-Lilongwe Chakwera said justice delayed is Justice denied.

Chakwera told the newly appointed judges that he is greatly concerned with the spirit of mob justice that is threatening to turn the country into a lawless one as evidenced by many occasions on which citizens have taken the law into their own hands without proper establishment of facts, owing it to slowness, unfairness, and inefficiency of the justice system.

“These expressions of the mob justice are a sign that the Malawian people feel frustrated with the slowness, unfairness, and inefficiency of justice system, which includes both the way cases are investigated, tried, and disposed of. In appointing you to the High Court of Malawi, it is my hope that you will each make great contributions to correcting these anomalies. The work ahead of you is enormous, and I have confidence in your ability to accomplish it with the speed, fairness, and professionalism that Malawi’ courts have become famous for all over the world on account of a certain election dispute that I recently featured in.” Reads part of President Chakwera’ Said Chakwera during the ceremony.

In his speech, President Chakwera took opportunity to remind the newly appointed judges that Judiciary is one of the three arms of governance in the country as Malawians pursue better destination for themselves and their children, with their aspirations for justice being upheld by the arm of the Judiciary.

The seven Judges of the High Court of Malawi who have taken their oath of office alongside Chief Justice Rizine Robert Mzikamanda are: Gladys Assima Gondwe, Chimbizgani Chase Matapa Kacheche, Dick Sankhulani, Patrick Chilunga Chirwa, Jean Rosemary Mthiko Kayira, Bruno McDonald Moses Kalemba, and Gloria Alinafe Namondwe.

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