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President Chakwera commissions Police Houses

Jul 16, 2022

By Bertha Chirwa – Malawi Exclusive

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has stressed that his adminstration will not keep anyone who fails to perform and produce results in the civil service.

Chakwera made the remarks Saturday during the official handover ceremony of Malamya Police mobile service camp houses at Malindi Community Ground in Mangochi district.

He said that his mission is to serve Malawians and will not keep anyone when it becomes clear that they are failing to do their job and failing to produce the results he promised to deliver to Malawians.

“So if you have been appointed to any public office by me, ask yourself this question today and every day: Is there someone who can do my job better than I am doing it now? If the answer is yes, then you should know that that person is the one Malawi needs in the position you hold, and my job is to find them,” he said.

He added that he doesnt want a government full of people who are complacent or who feel too entitled to work hard for Malawians.

“The only people I want working around me are those driven by a desire to produce outstanding performance, and the only culture I want to promote in the public service is one that rewards top performers and puts those whose work and results are substandard on the bench or off the team,” Chakwera said.

Chakwera has further commended Dec Construction Company for the high standard work it has done in constructing the houses which he described as professional.

“Ever since I launched the project to construct 10,000 houses for the Malawi Defence Force, the Malawi Police Service, the Malawi Prison Service, and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services, this is one of the best house construction performances I have seen from a contractor. To you, I say well done,” he said.

He has also cleared the assertion of saying that it is the president who gives contracts to companies to carry out different projects.

“Some people have the wrong idea that it is the President that gives contracts to companies, but the fact is that this is a country of laws, and anyone wanting a contract must follow the procedures laid down by law,” he said.

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