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President Chakwera describes Corruption as country’s biggest enemy

Jul 29, 2022

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

President Lazarus Chakwera has said that corruption remains Malawi’s biggest enemy deserving a strong fight.

Speaking  at the end of a two-day National Anti-Corruption Conference that took place at Sunbird Mount Soche Hotel in the commercial city of Blantyre on Tuesday, July 26,2022.

During his speech, Malawi leader expressed his excitement by the participants to the conference.

“Our purpose in coming together as stakeholders was to ensure that we form our battle lines and synchronize our weapons against the dark forces we face. We have fulfilled that purpose.

The fight against corruption is a fight for our nation, and by coming together to this conference which many of you have done at your own expense, you have demonstrated your resolve to make corruption run for hills. Thank you.

What is going own here is significant, because what is going to be our Anti-Corruption campaign messages needs to be clear, cesspit, even as we go in the next twenty weeks, know that’s not to say the fight stops after twenty weeks, we are starting a vigorous campaign, and so the message that which must spread for next twenty weeks, ten simple words, ‘Corruption is our biggest enemy, and is not welcome here (Katangale ndi mdani wathu wamkulu kuno sitikumulandira)” President Chakwera told the conference.

Further, he urged every citizen to use the word anywhere across the country as Anti-Corruption message in the next twenty weeks designated for the campaign.

Chakwera told the conference that the vice is an adversely whose intention is to harm and destroy citizenry, hence not needed anywhere in the country, adding that there has been increased lack of medical supplies in hospitals, poor education quality, the death of justice system, the death of the road users due to bad roads constructed poorly by corrupt contractors, the death of national security depriving citizens of good policing and border control due to the vice.

Malawi leader then commended Anti-Corruption Bureau Director – Martha Chizuma for her courage and passion in raising the level of public engagement in the fight against corruption, while thanking various International Partners on the other hand for their support towards Corrupt Free Malawi.

At the end of the conference, President Chakwera officially launched a twenty weeks campaign against corruption under the theme “Corruption is our enemy and not welcome here” and will run until December 9,2022 which is also an International Anti-Corruption Day.

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