President Chakwera describes culture as a source of unity and tourism

Aug 13, 2022

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

President Lazarus Chakwera has told the nation that culture can be used as a tool to promote unity and tourism in the country.

He was speaking during this year’s Umthetho celebrations (The annual cultural ceremony for the Ngoni of Mzimba which took place at Hora Heritage Centre at the foothill of the beautiful historical Hora Mountain in Mzimba on Saturday, August 13,2022.

“Cultural ceremonies are used to bring Malalawians together in unity. Culture can be used to promote tourism, and this heritage centre deserves improved structures as one way of attracting tourists.” Said the President concurring with Inkosi Ya Makhosi Mbelwa V who asked the President to consider turning the place into tourism centre.

Putting on Ngoni regalia, President Chakwera said Malawi is one and there is a need to promote culture in the country, and that such culture and all tribes must be respected.

Making his speech before President Chakwera, Vice President Chilima commended the President for gracing the ceremony, describing Chakwera as unifying leader who preaches unity and leads by example, while concurring with Inkosi Ya Mbelwa V that unity is the only way the country can develop.

In his speech, Inkosi Ya Makhosi Mbelwa V commended President Chakwera for gracing this year’s Umthetho celebrations.

Inkosi Mbelwa V, then appealed for unity between the President and his Vice, and among all Malawians.

He also spoke on the need for government loan institution of NEEF to be expediting loan approving processes to allow many youths to benefit from the facility.

Further Inkosi Ya Makhosi Mbelwa V urged Malalawians to promote their culture and appealed for the government to consider Hora Heritage Center as a tourism area, adding that time has come for Malawians to introduce cultural competitions just as they do with sports.

“Culture brings unity, today’s event has symbolized it. Here we have all cultural groups. Malawi is a peaceful nation which enjoys unity, but this ceremony has promoted it”. Stressed Inkosi Ya Makhosi Mbelwa V.

But the Ngoni Inkosi did not end his speech without extending to the President the message of hunger in his territory.

“Mzimba has been affected with food shortage due to poor rains, and my appeal is for the government’s consideration for food support”. Added Inkosi Mbelwa V.

Before ending his speech, Inkosi Ya Makhosi Mbelwa V presented a gift of Ngoni cultural regalia, traditionally known as Vitewe.

This year’s Umthetho celebrations were characterized as unifying event with the presence of political, religious leaders, and community leaders such as Inkosi Gomani V, Paramount Chiefs Kawinga and Kyungu, and many others.

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