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President Chakwera describes Orton Chirwa as a hero and true son of the soil

Mar 3, 2022

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

President Lazarus Chakwera has said late Orton Edgar Ching’oli Chirwa is a great national hero, a patriot and a true son of the soil who was a key figure in transformation of Nyasaland, a nation of subjects, into Malawi a nation of citizens.

He said Malawians owe late Chirwa thanks for various sacrifices he gave to the nation for the freedom the country is enjoying today, citing his position as the first Minister of Justice and Attorney General to have laid the very foundations of justice system the country has today.

“Orton Chirwa was a man beyond his time, a man of great vision, a man of formidable courage, a man with towering intellect, a man of principle, a man of peace, a patriot at heart, and a true Malawian. This son of Nkhata-Bay served his country and gave Malawi his best and the full measure of his devotion. We honour him today, for we owe him more than we can ever repay, and we pray that he continues to rest in peace.” Said President Chakwera.

Speaking on behalf of the family members, Fumbani Chirwa thanked President Chakwera for remembering them, saying since multiparty dispensation, he has become the first President to visit the family and pay homage to late Orton Chirwa.

The Chakwera administration is soon starting to construct a modern Mausoleum for Orton Chirwa which will also harbor two houses for family members, two houses for security officers and a library for his life.

Orton Edgar Ching’oli Chirwa was born on January 31, 1919 and died on October 19,1992

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