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President Chakwera describes UNGA trip critical to Malawi

Oct 5, 2022

President Lazarus Chakwera has said the UN General Assembly he has just attended in New York will benefit Malawi in a number of sectors such as energy, sports, education, agriculture, transport, and health.

President Chakwera was speaking upon his arrival at Kamuzu International Airport from the 77th UN General Assembly.

Chakwera who attended UN General Assembly for the first time since he was voted into power in 2020 told the nation that the trip has been of great benefit to Malawi, saying apart from the Assembly itself, the side meetings he had with various groups and investors stand were also of great importance.

“We had side meetings as well with various groups and investors, and I believe that Malawi will benefit greatly from investments across many sectors; education, health, sports, agriculture, energy, and so forth, so I believe this trip has been of great importance.” Said President Chakwera at KIA.

He further said that during his trip in USA, he went to Washington DC for bilateral talks with the US government where the MOU signing for compact 2 for infrastructural development such as roads was done, adding that in the Washington DC, him (Chakwera) spoke to the World Bank over $1.5 billion fund that had already been approved, to see how best it can be used in regard to the numerous needs for the country.

On his stopover in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the way back home from USA, President Chakwera had this to say; “I also had a stopover in UAE where I was glad to meet with the royal family, and we discussed various issues to do with investment. And in the next two weeks, they assured us, they want to be here, they want to look at the situation.

We were particularly concerned with regard to the electricity issues and blackouts, as well as fuel issues.”

But addressing multitude of Malawians who had gathered to welcome him at the Airport, President Chakwera thanked them for warmly welcoming him and the First Lady back home, three weeks after leaving the country for UN General Assembly tour.

During his address to the gathering, Chakwera without preempting the successes of his twenty two days trip, emphasized much on the need for unity among Malawians of different affiliations if the country is to develop.

“Those who want to divide this country on regional, tribal, or political lines, that should be their job, and let them do that, but I will not be part of that.

I want to have one vision, and move together as one nation. I want everyone to prosper as the nation will be developing.” Added President Chakwera while attracting people’s applause.

The government of Malawi will soon outline detailed successes of President Chakwera’s trip to United States of America in the past twenty two days since September 12,2022 when he left the country via Kamuzu International Airport in the capital Lilongwe.

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