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President Chakwera for independence of constitutional bodies

Apr 6, 2022

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

State House of Malawi says President Lazarus Chakwera is doing everything possible to improve governance systems in the country by ensuring independence of all constitutional and governance bodies.

Addressing the press, President Chakwera’ Executive Assistant, Sean Kampondeni said the President is taking all it can to improve governance situation in the country by among other interventions making sure that the bodies should have adequate funding.

Listing some of the achievements made by President Chakwera, Kampondeni said sufficient funding of different institutions with needed resources, independence of governance institutions, passing of this year’s national budget which he said has significantly more resources for such institutions than in previous administrations are examples of how President Chakwera is achieving governance matters in the country.

“Secondly, Public appointments; The President made sure that governance institutions and agencies of the State are being led by capable men and women who can deliver on the mandate of these particular institutions. So, across the board you will find out that from 2020 to towards the end of 2021, the President has made more than 220 appointments in various departments within the senior grades. This is in order for delivering the agenda for his governance on the development that Malawians deserve.” Said Kampondeni.

Kampondeni then hinted on numerous achievements carried out by President Chakwera including gender empowerment consideration in his current cabinet, maintenance of ACB director general, and several appointments including in statutory corporations.

During the Brief, some major developmental projects taking place across the country were beamed live including the Nkhata-Bay water Project, LUANAR-Bunda College new campus, Mangochi security officers housing project, and Blantyre new Police offices just to mention a few.

The brief further tackled areas of Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU), Parliamentary bills, and questions from the press.

The State House Brief which used to be held every fortnight will now be held on quarterly basis.

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