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President Chakwera gears up in promoting higher education as HESLGB disburses K5Bn students loans  

Sep 3, 2022

The Higher Education Students’ Loans and Grants Board (HESLGB) has from March this year disbursed over MK5 billion to students pursuing higher education in various public and private institutions of higher academic learning in Malawi, board acting Executive director Prince Phwetekere  has disclosed.

Board Acting ED Prince Phwetekere 

According to Phwetekere, in line with President Dr Lazarus Chakwera vision regarding access to higher education, the Board has disbursed over MK2.5 billion in tuition fees and MK1.4 billion in up-keep allowances to students in public universities and MK7 million in tuition fees to students in private universities and colleges.

According to the ED, Blantyre International University was paid MK10, 425,000.00 on 15th March 2022 tuition for the second semester for 25 students while Catholic University (CUNIMA) was paid MK110, 911,000.00 on 23rd March 2022 as students tuition for the second semester for 243 students and CUNIMA was also paid MK34, 727,000 on 20th April 2022 for the second bonding process for 71 students. Another MK3, 576,000 was paid to CUNIMA on 09th June 2022 for the 8 more students .

On 20th July 2022, CUNIMA was also  paid K7,957,000 as tuition for 16 more students that signed a bonding agreement. According to the information we have from the ED, Daeyang University was paid MK56, 550,000.00 on 24th March 2022 as students tuition for second semester,
African Bible College was paid MK20, 035,000.00 on 11th April 2022 for 37 students’ tuition fees for the second semester, DMI St John the Baptist University was paid MK59, 962,000.00 on 11th April 2022 as students tuition for second semester for 121 students. DMI was paid tuition of MK1, 416,000 for 3 replacement students on 14th June 2022.

The Board also approved MK84, 067,000.00 for DOMASI college which was paid as students tuition and MK62, 436,000 for students upkeep for first semester on 20th June 2022 for 680 students. As that was not enough,  on 13th July 2022, DOMASI was paid MK3, 104,000.00 as tuition and MK3, 096,000.00 as upkeep for students.

Last but not least for Domasi, on 4th August, 2022 Domasi was paid K2, 924,000 as upkeep for students for 2021/22 first semester.

The board has also disbursed millions in various public universities like Luanar, Chanco, Mzuzu University and others.

This is the first time for the board to bail out such big numbers of students.

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