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President Chakwera hails signing of $350M MCC 

Sep 28, 2022

Malawi Leader President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has commended signing of the Millennium Challenge compact (MCC) as game changer towards social economic and political development of the country.

Speaking in Washington DC Chakwera said the signing of this second MCC compact for Malawi is no ordinary event.

He said this is a very important program for Malawi and attests not only to the long-standing cordial relations between Malawi and the United States, but also to the progress Malawi has made in recent months to meet the exacting standards of the MCC Scorecard on the policies.

“I am aware that after Malawi’s selection for its first MCC compact in the energy sector before I came into office, progress had stalled for years in securing this second compact for the transport sector because of issues of corruption.

But in the past two years, my Administration has taken a zero-tolerance stance against corruption, shielding no one from investigation and prosecution, as well as removing and suspending from office those with a case to answer before our independent and credible courts of justice,” said Chakwera.

He said Malawi’s desire in doing so is to ensure that everyone understands that on the list of obstacles to Malawi’s development, corruption ranks number one, and so to consider it biggest enemy.

Said Chakwera: “We will therefore continue to fight it and stand against it, no matter how long it takes, until it is defeated. The fight against corruption ensures that investments like this MCC Compact fulfil their intended purpose and yield their intended benefits.”

The Malawi Leader said  from the first MCC Compact, it was noted that the construction of over 400 kms of transmission and distribution lines as well as refurbishment of 26 substations resulting in both expanded access to reliable power throughout the country.

“We saw the upgrading of Nkula ‘A’ Hydroelectric power plant through which its generation capacity was increased by 33 percent; we saw progress towards the
trading of power with Mozambique and the SADC region through the Southern African Power Pool; we saw the creation of an enabling environment for independent private sector power producers to enter the market,” he said.

Chakwera said the second Compact, will see the construction of roads across the country.

He said the MCC second Compact for Malawi comes at a very opportune time as it will augment Government’s efforts to create a conducive environment for private sector growth, especially to benefit smallholder farmers in rural areas.

“I therefore thank MCC for the unwavering support given to my Government to secure this compact,” said the President.

President Chakwera has since thanked all those who participated in the constraints analysis process, from MCC, Government, local Government authorities, private sector, and non-state actors who provided information and technical advice to the Compact Development Team.

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