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President Chakwera making progress on promises

Jul 4, 2022

State House has told the nation that in the past two years that President Lazarus Chakwera has been in power, he has made progress on the promises that he made during his campaign for President.

Addressing the media during State House Quarterly Brief at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe, the State House Director of Communications, Sean Kampondeni said President Chakwera has delivered on a number of areas that he promised during the campaign.

“The President spends most of his time attending to the welfare of Malawian people by attending meeting with various stakeholders including Ministers, and Private Sector Partners within the country and abroad.

Let me mention one more last thing, the President engages in bilateral relations to make sure Malawi’s relationship with other countries is positive so that by working together with other countries certain problems can be easily resolved.” Kampondeni told the nation through the media.

He further highlighted on initiatives like the NEEF loans facility, and the increased allocation to the Ministry of Gender for the social cash transfer program popularly known as Mtukula pakhomo to target over 2 million underprivileged people across the country.

Kampondeni also told the media that President Chakwera has managed to secure deals for medicines and vaccines for the country through his engagements with various players across the world, adding that the President has also done a lot to make sure the country has reliable electricity.

He then told the nation that President Chakwera has ordered the July 6 celebrations slated for Blantyre to be cancelled so that the resources are prioritized in other areas, and that instead, the country will conduct national prayers at BICC-Umodzi Park in Lilongwe on the day.

“On 12th July, the President is going to launch the construction, and rehabilitation of the M1 road which has been neglected for a very long time.” Added Kampondeni while revealing the project is perked at about 117 Million Euros.

Concurring with Kampondeni, State House Press Secretary, Anthony Kasunda told the media that President Chakwera has achieved in the past two years of office, citing the fight against corruption, concentration on making some changes on laws affecting Malawians directly and many others as examples of such achievements.

“You have seen the Chakwera administration bringing to Parliament Land laws, and very soon laws to do with sedition. This is one areas that media has been crying for long time that these laws should be reviewed will be taken to Parliament.” Said Kasunda.

The State House Quarterly Brief is held to keep Malawians informed and encouraged about the progress the President has made on his promises to them during his campaign, and during this Brief, some projects taking place under Chakwera administration were beamed for Malawians to appreciate themselves.

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