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President Chakwera slams dishonest officers for sabotaging AIP

Apr 30, 2022
President Laz Chakwera

President Chakwera slams dishonest officers for sabotaging AIP

Malawi President Dr Lazarus Chakwera on Friday went to town naming and shaming dishonest civil servants who connive with others to mess up the Affordable Inputs Program (AIP).

Addressing the development rally at Emvueni Primary School Ground in Mzimba District , Chakwera said he was not happy with the way how the programme has been implemented this year.

“It is sad that the Agricultural officers connive with the security agents to mess up the well intended program which is there to help poor people.” said the Malawi leader.

Chakwera then ordered the Minister of Agriculture Lobin Lowe to start preparations of the programme immediately.

“Make sure you start the programme now. This is the reason why we changed the financial calendar in order to allow these programmes to be done in time.” He said.

Speaking earlier Malawi Congress Party Deputy Vice President Harry Mlekanjala Mkandawire endorsed Malawi leader President Dr Lazarus Chakwera as torchbearer during the forthcoming party convention.

Mkandawire said everyone is free to stand during the convention but was quick to warn that he will flop there at the convention.

Mkandawire said Chakwera has demonstrated to be a leader who is visionary and does not condone any lies.

He said every party has a right to support a leader they want and this time around “We have already agreed that our vote at the convention is Dr Lazarus Chakwera.”

The President is currently visiting Northern Region in order to understand state of food security in the region.

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