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President Chakwera urges Malawians to be committed towards building new Malawi

Nov 20, 2021

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

President Lazarus Chakwera has said every citizen must take responsibility of oneself and be committed towards building new Malawi.

He was speaking at Kamuzu Academy in Mtunthama (Kasungu) during the school’s celebrations marking its 40 years of existence.

In his remarks, Malawi leader said Malawi can not develop if its citizens do not take their actions as sacred responsibility of themselves in building the nation, adding that continued failure to take responsibility of oneself has destroyed the society.

“The culture of refusing to take responsibility of ourselves and our affairs is a national crisis, and my prayer is that you will be the generation that refuses to participate in it. My prayer is that you will be the generation that learns to be responsible enough to tell the truth, responsible enough to refuse bribe, responsible enough to admit your mistake, responsible to forgive a wrong, responsible enough to protect what is yours from theft and protect what is not yours from abuse, responsible enough to vote, responsible enough to help a fellow Malawian succeed and celebrate then when they do.” Read part of President Chakwera’ speech during the anniversary celebration.

Further, President Chakwera said once many Malawians start to take such responsibility for themselves and the nation, the dream to build a self-reliant new Malawi by 2063 will become easy.

Kamuzu Academy was established on November 21,1981 by the First President of Malawi, Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda using his personal funds and has produced a number of notable figures like Catherine Gotani Hara(Speaker of Malawi Parliament), Chifundo Kachale (Malawi Electoral Commission Chairperson), Edgar & Davis, popularly known as anyamata ozerezeka(Lawyers), and Inkhosi Gomani, among many.

Among those who attended the anniversary celebrations were cabinet ministers, school alumni, chiefs, religious leaders, and the former official hostess, Mama Cecilia Tamanda Kadzamira.

After attending Kamuzu Academy’ 40th anniversary, President Chakwera addressed people who gathered at Kasungu boma where he assured them that his administration is doing everything possible to turn the misfortunes of the country’s citizens, saying he will not allow anyone to sabotage his government’ efforts to serve Malawians to their expectations.

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