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President Lazarus Chakwera assures people of Thyolo of food security

Mar 28, 2022

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

Malawi leader, President Lazarus Chakwera has assured people of Thyolo that his government will make sure that there is maximum food security regardless of problems that have affected the farming industry in this season.


Speaking at Luchenza Primary School ground on Monday, March 28,2022 where he addressed a developmental rally after his first crop inspection tour in Mambo and Tholola villages, President Chakwera told the gathering that the aim of his inspection is to see for himself how crops are in the fields and see what his government can assist the citizenry.

“I came here to see for myself, hear with my own ears what is happening and what people are complaining considering what the country is expecting to harvest in this season. I must not just hear while in office, but to see for myself how farmers have been affected, and how things are on ground, so that we can see how to intervene as their government.” Said President Chakwera.

He further said the climate change which has affected the countries across the world has not spared Malawi, and that even the rains in the country did not come in its expected time, making the season to be covered by both dry-spell and floods which have worsen the situation in many areas.

President Chakwera then narrated on several developments that people of Thyolo are expected to benefit from the government through the budget which he said is their own money, adding that he and his administration is so committed to serve them with their own money put in the budget.

In his speech President Chakwera admitted that problems are there but he is optimistic that some farmers will have good harvest. He then encouraged the people not to rely on rain but also on irrigation farming for improved food security.

But President Chakwera blamed the previous regime for not being prudent on the economy of the country that saw some donor countries and organizations withholding their aid and loans to the country.

During the tour in Thyolo, President Chakwera visited Maize and Banana fields.

The First President of Malawi, late Kamuzu Banda initiated the crop inspection tour with the aim of assessing the country’s expected harvest.

One thought on “President Lazarus Chakwera assures people of Thyolo of food security”
  1. These are not local farmers, You only inspected what you were directed to inspect otherwise the reality on the ground is not good. These are just Agriculture Personnel who have everything they need to make their maize look good. Why not go kumunda kwa ananjuzi kapena kumunda kwa Mayiye and see how the maize is faring. This is nonsense at its best, Local farmers had no Fertilizer in time but you are here bragging about things you are not sure of. Tulani pansi Udindo

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