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Dec 14, 2021

By Malawi Exclusive

The manner in which complainants of the allegedly dubious award of contract for Marka – Bangula railway construction project are following up on the ACB recommendations through sponsored media zealots is highly questionable.

The deadline for the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works (MoTPW) to implement ACB recommendations is not yet here but some persons questionably more concerned about the issue are already on the neck of the line ministry. Since yesterday, some sponsored social media zealots have been taking swipes at MoTPW for not acting on ACB’s recommendations with speed. In league with the sponsored social media commentators is one sellout human rights advocate, Phillip Kamangirah, Executive Director of Centre for Mindset Change (CMS). Kamangirah has taken even a strange step issuing ultimatum to the line Ministry to furnish him with the list, if there is one, of the newly constituted Committee to re-evaluate the bids within 24 hours.

The behaviours of both Kamangirah and some few seemingly sponsored social media commentators are testimony enough that somebody is trying hard to influence award of the contract to there preferred firms. One may also allege that Kamangirah’s insistence to have the list of newly constituted bids evaluation committee is sorely aimed at bribing them to favour his preferred contractor. ACB can as well extend investigations to the last three firms, they seem hellbent to get the contract through dubious means.

As things are, MoTPW must just restart the whole tender process with strict adherence to procurementb protocol as enshrined in the PPDA Act.

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