• Mon. May 29th, 2023

Racist Chinese national ‘Susu’ arrested in Zambia


The Zambian Department of Immigration has arrested errant racist Chinese national, Lu Ke, who is being implicated in racism allegations on children and women in Lilongwe.

Central Region public relations officer for Malawi’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services, Pasqually Zulu, has just confirmed with Malawi Exclusive that Ke – who is also known as Susu – has been arrested while on the run.

“He is currently in the police custody of the Zambian police pending official repatriation into Malawi,” said Zulu in a brief interview on Monday.

The Minister of National Unity, Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo, who earlier in the day held a meeting with officials from the University of Malawi Child Rights Legal Clinic at his ministry’s headquarters in Lilongwe, expressed excitement with the arrest, saying this is what the Chinese and Malawi Governments have working to achieve.

The objective of the meeting was to update the civil society organizations, stakeholders and the nation at large about the steps the government had taken to address the issue at hand.

After the meeting with the UNIMA Child Rights Legal Clinic, Mtambo addressed journalists during which he assured Malawians that the Malawi Government was working closely with the Chinese Embassy in Malawi to track down Susu and ensure he is held accountable for his actions in Malawi.

“We invited them so that we could update them on the steps the government has taken in ensuring that justice prevails on the matter by ensuring that the suspect is arrested and dealt with accordingly by the law,” said Mtambo.

He also stated that the meeting was called to update the civil society organizations on what the government has taken to prevent a recurrence of such crimes.

“Ultimately, the objective of the government is to ensure that the civil society and the government are working together in safeguarding the rights of citizens, especially children’s rights,” said Mtambo.


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